Department of Statistics, Information and Analytical Systems and Demography

Field of study and undergraduate programme leading to the bachelor’s degree
05 Social and Behavioural : Economics 051: Business Statistics

Field of study and postgraduate programme leading to the master’s degree
05 Social and Behavioural : Economics 051: Applied Statistics

The courses provided:
• Statistical Modelling and Forecasting
• Statistical Information Analytical Systems in Business
• Random Observations
• Statistical Observations
• Statistical Methods of Data Processing
• Demographic Statistics
• Economic Statistics
• Theory of Statistics
• Social Statistics
• Statistical Support for Business Process Management
• Statistics on Main Economic Activities
• Market Statistics
• Statistical Ranking
• Financial Statistics
• Monetary and Financial Accounts Statistics
• External Sector Statistics
• Statistics for Financial Stability Analysis
• Methods to Ensure the Quality of Statistical Data
• Statistical Analysis of Derivatives
• Social Inequality Statistics
• Living Standards and Quality of Life Statistics.

Research areas:
• historical sources of statistics
• statistical methodology: present and future development
• statistical regularities of socio-demographic processes
• information support for the analysis of macroeconomic processes
• modern business statistics.

Vul. Vasylkivska 90-A, room 238/2
Kiev-22, 03022, Ukraine
Tel.: (38044) 5213505