Department of Innovation and Investment Management

Field of study and undergraduate programme leading to bachelor’s degree:
073 “Management” educational program “Management”

Fields of study and postgraduate programmes leading to the master’s degree:
073 Management. The postgraduate programme: Management for full-time and part-time students
073 Management. The postgraduate programme: Innovation Management for full-time students

The courses provided:
* Management and its functional areas: Management, History of Management, Organisational Management, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Managerial Decision-Making, Crisis Management, Strategic Management, Project Management, Foreign Economic Activity Management, Teaching Methods in Management, Applied Methods of Management, Personnel Management, Consulting, Quality Management, Logistics Management, Organisation of Managerial Work, Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Management Culture, Self-Management, Teamwork Development, Modern Conception of Leadership, Time Management
* Innovation Management and Marketing: National Innovation Systems, Fundamentals of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Systemic Organisation and Innovation Management, Innovation Marketing, Marketing Research, High-Tech Marketing, Innovation Management Methods, Intellectual Property Management, Innovative Projects Management, Patent and License Activity Management, Methodology and Organisation of Economic Research (with regard to Intellectual Property, Economic Forecasting for Managerial Decisions, Knowledge Management, Strategic Controlling, Internet Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Activities, Brand Management of New Products
* Investment Management: Investment, Investment Management, Investment Risk Management, Investment Analysis, Investment Portfolio Management, Venture Investment.

Research areas:
• 07 Management and Administration: 073 Management: Organisational Management and Administration;
• 07 Management and Administration: 073: Management: Innovation and Investment Management.
• 08.00.03 – Economics and National Economy Management: Innovative Development. National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.
• 08.00.04 – Economics and Enterprise Management (according to the types of economic activities).

Vul. Vasylkivska 90-A, room 811
Kiev-22, 03022, Ukraine
Tel.: (38044) 2573 440

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