Department of Insurance, Banking and Risk Management

Field of study and undergraduate programme leading to the bachelor’s degree
07 Management and Administration: 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance (Ukrainian / Russian taught)

Fields of study and postgraduate programmes leading to the master’s degree:
07 Management and Administration: 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance —
Risk Management and Insurance programme
07 Management and Administration: 072 Banking and Insurance —
Banking programme

The courses provided:
• Insurance
• Banking
• Financial Risk Management: Macro and Micro Levels. Modern Practice of Investment Risk Management
• Insurance and Banking Management
• Modern Business Processes of Financial Institutions
• Financial Services Market. Integration of Banking and Insurance Business
• International Insurance and Banking

Research Areas:
• Risk management as an integrated process of governing risks to business entities
• Insurance and its role in a market economy
• Social security system of social protection
• Innovation-based development of the financial services market
• Modernization of the banking and insurance systems. Efficiency of financial intermediaries
• Central banks: ensuring financial stability and regulation
• Financial intermediation and transmission of financial shocks. Financial crises in emerging markets
• Financial dollarization and its effect on economic actors.

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Kiev-22, 03022, Ukraine
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