Department of Economic Theory, Macro- and Microeconomics

Field of study and undergraduate programme leading to the bachelor’s degree:
05 Social and Behavioral Sciences: 051 Economics: Economics and Economic Policy

Fields of study and postgraduate programmes leading to the master’s degree:
05 Social and Behavioral Sciences: 051 Economics: Economics and Economic Policy
05 Social and Behavioral Sciences: 051 Economics: Economics and Law
05 Social and Behavioral Sciences: Economics 051 Economics and Politics(English taught).

Academic areas:
1. The Department provides training of the internationally competitive analysts, economists, competent in the field of research and forecasting of socio-economic phenomena and processes, skilled in the solution of economic and legal issues; knowledgeable about analysis, planning, organization and management of economic activity, regulation of the economy and macroeconomic policy. Graduates can be employed in business-structures, public institutions, enterprises, financial institutions, banks, institutions of higher education.
2. Writing and publishing textbooks, manuals, teaching materials, continuous updating of the course programmes and curricula in accordance with modern trends in the development of economic education.
3. Organizing research, publishing articles and monographs, making outcomes of the research public in reputable domestic and international economic journals included in scientometric databases; holding international research conferences, seminars, round tables, implementing research results in academic processes.
4. Scientific cooperation with foreign and domestic scientific and educational institutions; stimulating students to participate in international and national student conferences, research projects contests; promoting activities of the student government; establishing close cooperation with the alumni.
5. Involving internationally recognized scholars, practitioners and teachers of the leading Ukrainian and foreign universities in teaching the course programmes; inviting research institutions, businesses for active cooperation; collaborating with employers and government agencies, specialized departments of leading foreign universities (Germany, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, and others.)

Scientific schools of the Department:
1. The scientific school, which at the beginning of the 21st century was founded by professor, Corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V.D. Bazilevych: Theoretical and methodological issues of the history of economics, macro- and micro-economics in the context of the new paradigm shift.
2. The scientific school, which at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries was founded by professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.A. Chukhno: Development and transformation of the economic system.

Research areas:
• philosophy of Economics and metaphysical essence of economic knowledge
• theoretical and methodological problems of microeconomics, macroeconomics and economic policy
• evolution of economic systems in the context of globalization
• development of innovation and investment in market economies
• theoretical aspects of establishing and developing the information and service economy, Economics of Intellectual Property
• problems of developing industrial markets, competitive relations and restriction of monopoly in the context of globalization
• economic nature of insurance, insurance and stock markets, intellectual property market
• modern paradigmatic approaches in the historical and economic research, philosophical and methodological issues of economics, development of the institutional economic theory
• History of the Ukrainian Economic Thought, Economic History of the World and Ukraine.

Vul. Vasylkivska 90-A, room 609
Kiev-22, 03022, Ukraine
Tel.: (38044) 521-35-80


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